We all know that anxiety inducing question: “Honey, what’s for dinner?” It was your turn to plan the family meal, and you completely forgot. Or maybe you’re pulling out of the parking lot, and after the day you’ve had at work, take out just sounds so much more appealing. 

Whether you’re cooking on a regular basis for a family or yourself – planning meals can feel overwhelming at times! We’re passionate about bringing fresh from the farm flavor and nutrition right to your plate every single night. When you’ve been farming as long as our family has (over 110 years!), you learn a thing or two about preparing healthy meals that are ready in a snap. Read on for our best tips for making a tasty, delicious meal as easy as possible!

TIP 1:  Don’t skip the veggies.

We all get it – once in a while, a frozen pizza or a box of pasta is just the most convenient option. If you’re in a pinch, always remember to include a vegetable! This will help your meal be a bit more balanced and fuel your body with the nutrition it needs.

We love tossing some veggies in with our pasta – like in this English Pea Pesto recipe.


TIP 2: When in doubt – keep it simple!

Our favorite formula for an easy dinner is: vegetable + protein + healthy carbohydrate. The combinations here are endless! Pick up a bag of Snipped Green Beans to roast with potatoes for a quick side that can be easily served alongside a protein. Our Rosemary Green Beans & Potatoes recipe pairs deliciously with a store-bought rotisserie chicken.  Or try an easy, vegetarian-friendly bowl with Snap Peas, quinoa and beans – like in our Confetti Sugar Snap Peas recipe.

Life can be complicated, but dinner shouldn’t be! Keep this easy formula in mind for the next time you’re stumped on what to whip up in a hurry.


TIP 3: Stock up on “easy to assemble” options for busy nights. 

Your pantry, refrigerator and freezer can all be stocked with quick options for a complete meal. We like to keep some instant rice and whole wheat wraps on hand. Frozen cooked protein is ideal for keeping you full; and there are so many options – from plant-based meat or classic grilled chicken breast. These options are all perfect for topping off a stir fry, a grain and veggie bowl, or pasta.

Your vegetable drawer can be full of ready-to-go items too! We’ve designed our packaging with convenience in mind – our Snipped Green Beans, French Beans, Snap Peas, Snow Peas, and many other vegetables come washed and ready-to-eat. We’ve designed microwaveable bags to make cooking as simple as possible, so your family can always have fresh vegetables with their meal.


TIP 4: Save your favorite quick recipes in a way that’s easily accessible. 

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a simple step that many of us forget when we’re in feeling frazzled about what to make for dinner. Keep a folder of bookmarks on your phone labeled “20 Minute Recipes”. Or if you like to go old school, hand write a few of your favorites and keep them in a recipe cards container on your countertop. Having a few quick, go-to recipes that you know your family loves available in a pinch will keep you out of the drive-thru line.

Need some ideas? Check out our full recipe archives for tons of healthy, easy recipes your family will love.


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